Tsinghua Jump


Tsinghua Jump is a doodle jump like game developed by our group Miaow. The game has similar rules as in Doodle Jump, but with many Tsinghua-flavored elements and interesting game items, which increased the game’s creational values. The game mainly has 2 game modes – Single Mode and Multi-Player Mode, a score-ranking system, and a game-item shop system.

The game is developed and maintained via Github. Link for the repository is here. I am the group leader as well as the main contributor. It is still being developed and maintained by myself.


I am so happy and proud to be informed that this project has been awarded the best 3 software projects in the Software Engineering Course: SE Fall 2015, @Tsinghua.


Below are several screenshots for the game.


Main Screen:

Multi-Player Mode:

Start Screen: